Troop Knife Policy

1. Scouts may not carry any personal knives with blades bigger than 4” because they may serve a more harmful purpose instead of being useful. Knives with blades longer than 4” will only be allowed if they are kitchen knives and used for cooking. Therefore they must remain in the cooking/kitchen area.
2. Knives must be treated as a tool and not as a weapon or toy.
3. Sheath knives or fixed blade kitchen knives may not be carried around, but they are allowed for cooking use.
4. Switchblade knives, gravity knives and butterfly knives are forbidden because they are illegal in multiple states and can cause harm to those who don’t know how to use it.
5. Spring-loaded blades should not be carried because scouts are usually encouraged to play with them.
6. Double-edged blades are illegal because they have twice the chance of hurting someone. Also they serve no practical purpose in scouting.
7. All scouts must check their blood circle when opening their knives and carry their totem chip when carrying their knives along with them too.
8. Scouts should only be carrying foldable knives; no sheath knives or fixed blades are allowed.
9. Certain camps many have different rules but scouts should not test them.
10. If a scout misuses a knife in any way he will lose a corner on his totem chip.

 Appropriate Knives  Forbidden Knives 
 • Swiss Army Knives 
• Leather Man Tools 
• Serrated Edges 
• Sheath Knives/Fixed blade Knives (FOR COOKING ONLY) 
• Lockable Blades 
 • Butterfly Knives 
• Switchblade Knives 
• Gravity Knives 

• Spring-Loaded Blades 
• Double edged blades