Top Brass
Ulysses M.- Senior Patrol Leader
Ryan B. - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Ethan N.- Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/ Webmaster
Delta: Honey Badgers
Camilo A. - Patrol Leader
Rishi B. - Asst. Patrol Leader
Archit K.
Josh P.

Bravo: Scorching Squirrels
Tomash M.
Jack W.
Alfred E.
Jordan L.
Connor G.

*Patrols as of Summer2018
Echo: Thunder Chipmunks
Alex G. - Patrol Leader
 Ethan M. - Asst. Patrol Leader/ Quartermaster
Owen T. - Troop Guide
Matthew H.- Scribe
William C.

Alpha: PAW Patrol
Lucas K. - Patrol leader
Addison K
Daniel P.
Evan T.
Esteban A.
Matthias A.
Andre E.
Ambrose L.
Foxtrot: Flaming Falcons
Jack F. - Patrol Leader
Thomas M. - Asst. Patrol Leader
Andrew B.
Martin L.
David P.
Matthew Y.
Luke B.
Timothy C.
Eric C.

Why is there no Charlie Patrol?
During the 2017 National Scout Jamboree our Jamboree Troop, 1123, had a patrol called Charlie Patrol. Since very few patrol members were ever around to perform cleaning and cooking duties and they were disorganized as a whole, after the Jamboree our SPL decided to stop naming any patrols Charlie due to the issues that were created in 2017.